The SAT will be ONLINE in 2024!

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Starting in spring 2024, all students taking the SAT will do so digitally. Here’s what you need to know.

  • If you’re taking the SAT anytime in 2022 or 2023, the exam will still be paper/pencil during that time period.
  • The SAT will be offered online only starting spring 2024. Pencil/paper exams will no longer be an option after December 2023. Class of 2025, get ready!
  • The test platform can be used on a laptop or tablet.
  • The new test will be comprised of two sections (Reading/Writing and Math).
  • The highest total score will still be 1600.
  • Calculators will be allowed on all math questions, and there will be a built-in graphing calculator available for students to use.
  • There will be many shorter passages in reading, each with just a single question.
  • Words problems in math will be more concise.
  • Testing time will be shortened to about two hours (vs. the current three), and the time spent at the testing center will be shorter.
  • A built-in timer will be available throughout the test; students can choose to show or hide the timer on their screens.
  • The test is adaptive. The questions given in the second module of each section (reading/writing and math), the College Board says, “depend on how they performed on the first module.”
  • The PSAT will be online in fall 2023. Taking this new online exam will give students a preview of what to expect on the new digital SAT.
  • The new digital format gives each student a different test form. The College Board says it will be “practically impossible to share answers.”

Learn more by attending one of our free class sessions or by visiting The College Board.