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We have been helping parents and students since 2011.

Welcome to APlus Test Prep. We’re excited that you’re here! Our names are Vince and Sheba Brown, and we’re here to help you succeed through prep classes and academic tutoring. We started our tutoring and test prep company in 2011, and we’ve been in operation for over a decade now. As teachers at heart, we enjoy working with high school students and helping them see the value of education and high test scores.

We are parents of teenagers, and we understand what parents are going through. You want your child to succeed in education to accomplish more in life. We’re here to help make that happen. Our team of certified test prep instructors is equipped to provide academic tutoring services and standardized test prep. While we primarily focus on ACT and SAT test prep for high school students, we also assist undergraduate students, prospective teachers, and adults working towards licensures and certifications.

We love what we do. We’re passionate about teaching, coaching, and helping our students leave an exam with confidence they have done the best they possibly could. If you’re anxious about your child’s upcoming test, ask us about our standardized test prep programs today.

We have countless success stories to share of the students, parents, and professionals we’ve worked with, and we can help you or your child feel confident about that next test. We provide services in-person here in Durham, North Carolina, as well as online options, so contact us today to find the test prep solution that is right for you.