Time is money. If you’re SERIOUS about college, STOP & READ THIS NOW!

 By     May 19, 2015
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stopsignTake the ACT/SAT early. Why?

  1. Getting a good score early maximizes a student’s  chance for scholarships.  Having all the necessary components of scholarship application ready early means that students can apply early when the money is most available.
  2. Getting a good score now makes senior year less stressful. Students can focus more on other college admissions activities (i.e. looking for scholarships) and spend their time keeping their grades up and participating in the fun aspects and privileges of being a SENIOR.
  3. Students will have more time to prepare.  Students who take the test before their senior year have MONTHS in between tests to prepare more fully.  Seniors who wait until October and then plan to retest in November or December have only ONE MONTH between tests to prepare and also have let the SAT consume almost half of their last year of high school.  By that time, clubs, sports, and other activities are in full swing; many students also work.
  4. Time is money.  The longer a student waits to take the SAT, the more money and time it could cost later: retesting, stress, late fees, etc..

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