Thanks for helping our son

There are not enough words to articulate how much I appreciate the services of APlus Test Prep. Vince and Sheba Brown have hit the nail on the head with this service. Vince connected with my son and drew him right on in to begin practice questions using the clicker while Sheba and I talked. My son took their PSAT prep course, their ACT course, and their SAT refresher course. I appreciate Sheba’s “make no bones about it’ approach to teaching the students what they need to know and then some. She has the uncanny ability to keep their rapt attention, without using fun and games because she will tell this is not fun and games. She also throws in real life considerations about the application process, encourages students to find their own voices and to be confident in doing so. She also follows up weekly with parents by email; one week when several students hadn’t done their practice homework, she made sure that the parents knew this. We have had good results with the testing and good results with college admissions!

— Michelle C.