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Partnership with AAU programs, High School Athletic Departments, Coaches, Booster Clubs, parents and students.

APlus Test Prep offers parents several options for providing their child with the best opportunities to qualify for athletic scholarships.  Our tailored programming for student athletes helps families best position their students for college play.

ACT – SAT Prep for Student Athletes

Our FlexPrep courses can be scheduled around classes, workouts and games.  APlus instructors can work with your team at your school or other preferred location.  Even with as few as two students, APlus can customized class schedules for you via the Study Buddy program.

Parent Seminars to learn about qualifying for athletic scholarships

These seminars can be scheduled at your convenience for booster clubs, AAU parent groups, etc. Click here for more info. Did you know that at some schools and in some conferences, students who enter as non-qualifiers may never be eligible to participate in athletics at that school and/or in that conference?

NCAA Full Qualifier

To be a FULL QUALIFIER (an athlete who can receive scholarships, participate in practice, and compete in the first year), a student must have

  • 4 years of English; 3 years math Algebra I and higher;  2 years natural or physical science (one lab if offered);  1 additional year English, math, natural/physical science;  2 years social science;  4 years additional from areas above or foreign language, philosophy, or comparative religion.
    • Ten courses completed PRIOR TO the 7th semester (senior year).
    • These courses lock in to determine the Core Course GPA.
    • Seven of these ten must be English math, or natural/physical science.
  • Minimum CORE COURSE GPA of 2.3.
  • Corresponding ACT or SAT score based on the sliding scale.
  • Get additional info about core course requirements here.

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