Find out which test to take: ACT or SAT


This seminar helps students discover which test to take: ACT or SAT. Students don’t have to take both!

What can you expect at this session?

During this class, students will evaluate their testing style; complete a series of timed reading, math, & English questions from the ACT & SAT; anticipate their performance on each test; and participate in a Q&A with their parents.

At the end of this seminar, students will have a clearer sense of which test they should take as they prepare for college admissions.

Attend this seminar and don’t waste time wondering what to do about testing. It’s a crucial first step toward competitive SAT/ACT scores!

Here’s what students have said about the “ACT or SAT for Me” seminar:

“I had no idea that this much thought should go into picking which test to take.  Now I have a complete understanding of how the ACT and SAT are different and how to focus on which is best for me as a student.”

This class was eye opening.  Before I didn’t really have a vast knowledge about the tests.  This class made me realize that these tests require discipline.  Caroline B., Fayetteville Christian School

This class exposed me to ACT/SAT style questions. This helped me further examine my skills and with choosing the right test for me.  Seeing the mistakes I would usually make and using the opportunity for growth, I will now be able to make better choices on the tests.” Michaela G., Hillside HS

It was motivational for me. Jillian N., JH Rose HS

A parent said:

“I feel so much more relieved after attending this session with my daughter. Now we know what direction to take and don’t have waste time guessing.”

Next Seminar is March 15, 2018. 6:30 pm. Durham.

Tuition: $50

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