Spring Has Sprung! Sophomores and Juniors, spring into college admissions now!

 By     March 21, 2017
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Applying to college can be overwhelming if you don’t plan!  The college admissions process is easier for those who create a calendar of tasks and follow through.  Most importantly, be  sure to get started by the beginning of junior year! Here are some things all underclassmen should remember:

  • Consider taking college courses while still in high school.  NC’s College& Career Promise program allows high school students to take community college classes for FREE!  Credits earned can transfer to the colleges and universities and therefore reduce the class load in college!
  • Take the PSAT (even if you do not plan to take the SAT). The PSAT is an official practice test that offers important prep tips for taking the SAT later.  Great scores can also qualify you for the National Merit Scholarship, National Achievement Scholarship, and other scholarship programs.
  • Take the ACT or SAT early.  Don’t wait until senior year.  Getting good scores early puts students in a position to apply early to college, get accepted early, apply for more scholarships, and lessen senior year stress.
  • Sophomores and juniors should also visit colleges and know what’s important to them when selecting schools. Come up with a list of between 5 and 7 schools to initially consider.  As time goes on, you will narrow this list down based on college visits, preferences, etc.  A final list of more than 5 schools can quickly become too much to manage.
  • Establish a professional email account suitable for col­lege admission corres­pondence (if you don’t already have one).  Be sure to check it and follow through.  Most colleges communicate with applicants via email.
  • Develop good relationships with teachers whom you might later consider asking for recommendations.
  • Remember that junior year matters A LOT because the grades earned then (as well as fall of senior year) are the ones that colleges will see first and are the more recent.
  • Attend financial aid sessions to get familiar with the process. Start looking for scholarships and make a list of ones to seriously pursue.

Lastly, seek the help of a college planning consultant if needed.  Step-by-step help is there is you need it.