PSAT scores could lead to a full scholarship!

 By     August 28, 2016
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for college!Besides being the foremost official practice tool for the SAT, the PSAT can also be a gateway to scholarships–full and partial.

Collectively, National Merit Scholarships are worth $180 million this year.  Juniors must take the PSAT in order to compete for these awards.

Even if a student is not selected as an award recipient, simply making it to the semi-finalist round of competition makes a student scholarship-eligible at many universities. Here are a few examples:

  • University of Alabama
    National Merit Semi-finalist Award:
    Full Tuition (3.5 GPA required)
    National Merit Finalist Award: Full Tuition (up to 5 years), 1 year housing,  $3,500/year, $2,000 exp, and technology enrichment
  • Baylor University
    National Merit Finalist Award:
    Full Tuition

(See other scholarships here–over 50 colleges listed!)

(Higher SAT/ACT scores in general can help lower your tuition bill.  Check out how Baylor’s scholarship awards increase with higher SAT/ACT scores!)

Getting an award or recognition in the National Merit Scholarship Program is based on how well a student did on the test compared to other students who took the PSAT in their state.  But to get just a National Merit Commendation–which is NATIONAL LEVEL RECOGNITION– a student needs to perform better than over 90 percent of their peers on the PSAT.

So with all these scholarship and college opportunities, why would a student take the PSAT unprepared?  He/she shouldn’t!  Don’t let scholarship opportunities pass you by! Prepare for the PSAT and lower your tuition bills using your test scores!  

The PSAT Prep course is open for enrollment.