Save on private tutoring with the Study Buddy program

Private tutoring "Study Buddy Program"The A+ Study Buddies program makes preparing for the ACT & SAT more fun.  Sign up with one, two, or three friends and get the benefits of private tutoring at a savings.

All study buddies attend tutoring appointments together and have their own private time together to work with our test prep specialists.  Because they’re already friends, Study Buddies tend to experience less stress than those preparing alone for college admissions tests and increase their preparation level by holding each other accountable for practice and preparation outside of tutoring.

The five-hour Study Buddy tutoring package costs only $400. Some things to know about A+ Study Buddies:

  • Study Buddies groups can consists of two, three, four, or five students.
  • Once all Study Buddies register, all participants will receive an email confirming the first session.
  • At the first session, we will set appointments for the remaining four sessions.  Study Buddies should bring their calendars and come prepared to schedule the remaining sessions.
  • If a student misses a Study Buddy session, he/she can make up the missed session with an instructor for a $60 fee.

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