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If you are preparing for the Praxis, get the results you need with our Praxis Preparation Class. Classes in Durham, Raleigh, and Rocky Mount NC. Praxis Pearson Exam Prep Rocky Mount Raleigh Durham NC APlus Test Prep SAT ACT Tutoring Classes

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What professionals have said about our Praxis Preparation Class workshops:

A must for all lateral entry teachers. 

We received a wealth of information and had time to complete a practice test and get feedback. I’m glad I attended.

I liked how organized it was. The presenter was very positive and knowledgable. She showed us how to break down each question in depth.

Hands-on & gave us great resources on how to pass the tests.

The presenter came with so much energy and provided some very helpful information.

Outstanding! Very engaging, informative and encouraging.

[Mrs. Brown] presents in an interactive, collaborative forum which challenges, inspires and, dare I say, entertains. This is professional development at its finest!

The presenter was very knowledgeable and energetic and made the topic interesting and fun.

Sheba’s energy, enthusiasm, and mastery of writing makes GMAT preparation fun and informative. She is always thorough in drilling deeper to make sure students truly have understanding of the concepts she is teaching. You are unable to just say you “have it” if you really do not.  She is perceptive in reading through “the screen” and stays on your point until she is sure that you have really “got it!”  She is not an instructor who flies through the information, just for the sake of saying that the information was covered.  This is a sign of a truly effective teacher.  Even if you think you are a decent writer, Sheba helps hone your skills for the purpose of effective writing for the test.  I would recommend any of her classes, because her teaching style would ensure success for most any learner!

The PD gave us solid strategies .. .Mrs. Brown helped us to determine a foundation that we want to build upon in basically building our students’ test-taking strategies.

“She is so exciting!”~~”Ms. Brown is an excellent presenter!”~~”Very informative!”~~”Great facilitator who knew the subject area well!”

Hi, Sheba. I achieved NB certification! Thank you so much for the suggestions and advice you gave me. I know everything you talked me through really helped me with the assessment. I am so grateful for your insight and assistance. Thanks again!

Jennifer P., NBCT
Charles H. Darden Middle School

“I took the information home and used it on my 1st grader the very same night to help with homework. We both were pleased with the results. Homework corrections were completed faster than normal because of keywords used to help better understand what was being asked.”

“What I liked most or found the most helpful about the PD was the valuable information which was given out that could be used in any classroom to prepare any student for the test. There was something there for everyone to take home.”

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