College Prep Checklist for Juniors (Class of 2018)

 By     April 23, 2017
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Don’t get sick–of school!

Stay focused on your classes.  Junior years grades are the most recent when you apply in the fall and are often the ones that college see FIRST!

Start organizing.

Go ahead and set up accounts for the Common Application, the Coalition App, etc.  You can also set up prospective student accounts for universities and colleges that you’re interested in.  Create a spreadsheet of deadlines, application requirements, etc.  The due dates can come up quickly! Also begin thinking about which teachers you may ask to write recommendations.

Get your scores in order.

Get the needed SAT and ACT scores BEFORE summer starts. That way, in the fall you’ll be ready to start applying without the stress of admissions tests. Outstanding  SAT Subject Test & Advanced Placement scores can help your college applications.

Check Senior Year Course Registration.

Slacking off during the senior year can hurt your college admissions chances.  Continue to take challenging courses in English, science, math, and foreign language.

Start Thinking About Your Application Essays.

The new application essay prompts should be announced mid- to late summer.

Visit Colleges This Summer.

Talk money with Mom and Dad.

Have honest conversations with parents about the cost of college and payment options.  Use net price calculators available on college Web sites to get an idea of what you and your parents will be expected to pay for college. Start looking for scholarships.

Plan for a great summer–on campus!

Summer’s the perfect time to connect with colleges via programming for high school students; explore your interests; and see what college life is all about.

Regarding summer jobs, remember that  “typical” summer jobs are valued/respected in the college admissions process. Doing actual work  that matters for a small company or charity is better than mindless work at a large company.  Local service is as valuable as service abroad (and service abroad may cost thousands of dollars).