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Sheba Lowe Brown
Sheba Lowe Brown

A former NC Teaching Fellow, Sheba earned her undergraduate and Master’s degrees from UNC-Chapel Hill where she currently serves as the test prep instructor for Heels for Success. She also has test prep ties to Duke (Constructing Your College Experience, Youth Programs Test Prep, & SROP); NC State (TRiO); & NCCU (GRE prep for Athletics). Sheba has coached students to perfect and near perfect scores, and knows the test prep business from its content creation side to the grading side. She has earned National Board Certification and holds teaching licensure in ESL and Secondary Language Arts.





Tedd Farr

Ted has earned three degrees from North Carolina State University: Biological Sciences and Secondary Science Education in 1990, and Chemical Engineering in 1998.After student teaching at  Jordan High School, Ted pursued careers in the classroom and out.  His work includes 12 years in a molecular genetics laboratory as well as biotech pharmaceutical manufacturing, large scale fermentation manufacturing, and SAS database programming in the clinical trials industry. Ted summarizes his approach this way: “I do not provide answers. I provide the tools to work toward the answer. Sometimes, problems need to be approached from different angles.”




Allison Hardi

Allie earned her undergraduate degrees in English with a concentration in creative writing, secondary English education (grades 6-12) and a minor in psychology from North Carolina State University, from which she graduated with honors. A lifetime leaner who teaches her students to think outside the box, she insists they be able to substantiate their claims with evidence. “I encourage my students to be truth-seekers who wish to understand why rather than be told; which is how I had been taught and how I teach my students to raise the bar!”  Allie has taught high school English of differing abilities ranges across all levels of the learning spectrum & currently teaches AP & honors English.  She’s also certified as an online course facilitator for NC Virtual Public Schools in all core classes.  Allie credits her own English III instructor for inspiring her to strive for success as well as for teaching her to strengthen her “raw” writing talents/literacy tools into a lifetime passion and career. According to Allie, writing and helping others has always been her first love thanks to Ms. Lowe. “I do not know where I would be today without her voice urging me to give 100%, push through every barrier, and carry on the motto she had taught me: excellence is the standard!”


Julie-Lynn Austin

A graduate  of UNC-Chapel Hill with a B.A. in Mathematics, Julie continued her education at Salem College where I attained my Master’s of Arts in Teaching.  She has taught high school math for six years:  three in Winston-Salem and the last three in Durham.  In addition to teaching Algebra 2 at Riverside High School, Julie I have also led Saturday Academy sessions for Math 1 EOC prep, as well as ACT prep for Durham Public Schools.  She enjoys working with students of all ages whether it is teaching a full class or tutoring one-on-one. 





Winnie Ballenger
Winnie Ballenger

A biology major who graduated from Virginia Tech, Winnie has concentrations in Radiation Science and Nuclear Engineering.  For the past 19 years she has taught high school sciences and is currently the head of the Science Department of Kerr Vance Academy & a student of the Secondary Sciences Licensure Program at NCCU.






Justine Lamantia
Justine Lamantia

Justine LaMantia, 2009-2010 Teacher of the Year at Sherwood Githens Middle School, earned her undergraduate degrees from SUNY Oneonta in English and Secondary Education in addition to a minor in Creative Writing (writing is her passion and specialty). Justine has also earned her Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from North Carolina State University. Currently in her eighth year of teaching language arts, Justine has certification from Duke University in teaching Academically & Intellectually Gifted students and has worked at the Duke summer TIP program. She also has experience teaching ESL and special needs students& has traveled to Mexico to teach and conduct educational action research with Durham Public Schools.


Avishai Halev
Avishai Halev

Avishai has more than 200 hours of previous tutoring experience in elementary, middle and high school education and an ACT Composite Score of 34 (equivalent to about a 2300 on the SAT) and a PSAT score of 219 (2190 on the SAT). He achieved an 800 (perfect score) on the SAT Subject Test in Math II and a 720 on the Subject Test in World History. He says that often students are making tasks too daunting for themselves. His goal is to simplify topics and help students understand math.  Basketball and sports permeate his life.



Evan Couzo
Evan Couzo

Evan  is a postdoctoral research associate at UNC studying air quality.  He recently completed his PhD in the Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering.  Before UNC, Evan was a 7th grade math teacher in the Mississippi Delta as a member of the Mississippi Teacher Corps.  His undergraduate degree is in physics from Williams College.  Evan has a wonderful dog with whom he goes hiking as often as possible.  He also loves cooking, reading, and, yes, math.






Scott has tutored extensively for over 30 years & specializing in math and and SAT/ACT test preparation.  He develops rapport with each student so as to make the process less daunting and even remove the dread of having to sit with a tutor for an hour at a time.  His sessions are enjoyable as possible, and instill confidence and alleviate stress for the student.



A+ Test Prep Student Achievement Highlights 2012-2013
  • 100% of our students improved their scores!
  • 85% earned scholarships!
  • Hundreds of thousands in earned scholarship dollars.
  • A Gates Millennium Scholar headed to Dartmouth
  • Eight students with 100-point or more score increases in SAT score
  • An average 180 point increase for spring 2013 A+ scholars who took the SAT
  • Three students with  SAT score increases over 200 points (200, 210 and 240 points)
  • A Watson and Odyssey Scholar headed to Elon ($21,000/year)
  • A Howard University Presidential Scholar
  • A Hampton University Academic Scholar
  • Two full scholarship qualifiers  (as juniors) after taking A+ courses
  • An average 70-point increase for all A+ scholars in fall 2012 classes who took the SAT
  • A four-point increase in average ACT scores at Elkin HS after a one-day fundamentals course
  • A+ alums headed to or already enrolled at at the following schools: Appalachian State University, Dartmouth College, Hampton University, Howard University, Drexel University Campbell, East Carolina University, UNC-Chapel Hill, North Carolina A&T, NC Central University, Western Carolina, NC State, Davidson College, UNC Pembroke, UNC Greensboro, Alabama University, Northwestern University Lenoir Rhyne College.