August 26 SAT–Great option for students who want to apply early & have less stress!

 By     May 20, 2017
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Discount | SAT Prep Class | Raleigh Durham On August 26, 2017, the SAT will be offered for students.  Here are some important points to keep in mind as you consider this test date option.

The August test takes place before the school year moves into full gear.  Prep time doesn’t have to compete for homework or extra-curricular activities.

Getting the test out of the way early enables a student to focus more fully on other aspects of completing their college applications: writing the personal statement/essay, securing recommendations, etc.

The August test positions students to take advantage of Early Decision or Early Action, if they choose to do so.  At some universities, a significant portion of the freshman class is filled with early applicants.  Most schools will also accept October scores as well.

Getting a good score early maximizes a student’s  chance for scholarships.  Having all the necessary components of scholarship application ready early means that students can apply early when the money is most available.

The January 2018 test date is no longer an option!  Elimination of this date means that seniors MUST get their needed score by December or risk the March test date being too late for their college applications.

How do I know if the August SAT is right for me if I’m a junior?  If you’ve taken Algebra II (SAT math includes algebra, geometry, trig, and pre-calculus) and did very well on the PSAT, the August test would be a wise choice for all the same reasons as for seniors.  Plus you have another year to retool and retake the test is your wish to do so without the pressure of the calendar.

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