4 Ways to Prepare a High School Athlete for the SAT/ACT Test and College

 By     November 1, 2017
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High school student-athletes in Durham have a very hectic schedule and the transition to college can be a rocky ride. The school workload, after school practice, games, and studying for big tests are one of the many things high school athletes have to balance. With the right preparation, the road from high school to college can be a smooth ride.Student Athletes

At A Plus Test Prep, we frequently help student-athletes, and parents in the Raleigh, Durham and Rocky Mount area prepare for college. Whether it’s private tutoring or test prep, our friendly staff and academic coaches can create a game plan to help your student win.

4 ways to prepare a high school athlete for the SAT/ACT test and college as a whole are:

  • Establish a winning academic mentality: College is competitive, and athletes naturally have a winner’s mentality. Try to establish that same mentality in academics and cultivate a mindset that goes well beyond athletics.
  • Develop time management skills: Developing time management skills for student-athletes in Durham early will help better prepare a student for college. It can be a little tricky to balance a student-athlete schedule. But, occasionally remind the student about taking responsibility for going to practice and devoting time to studying.
  • Develop healthy habits and a self-care routine: Healthy habits and self-care routines are important for a busy athlete. Encourage the student to get enough rest, eat well and focus on overall well-being.
  • Build a team and use NCAA as a resource: The NCAA is a great source for a high school athlete. Stay connected and build a team of athletic directors, guidance counselors, and coaches to stay informed about eligibility requirements and the application process.

Getting into college could be a big point of fear and stress for your student and your family. And, we understand that! A Plus Test Prep in Durham would love to take that stress off everyone’s plate. We do so by helping make sure your student is ready. Take a look at our upcoming SAT Prep courses in Raleigh and SAT prep courses in Rocky Mount.