Juniors, THIS is your year! Think about these as you prepare now for college admissions!

 By     January 8, 2017
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A new year has arrived.  JUNIORS, you will be applying to college in less than a year!  SOPHOMORES AND FRESHMEN, you’re also getting closer to the application process.  

Here’s what you need to think about.  

College Search.  Begin thinking about the kind of college that would be a best fit for you. Make a list of what’s important to you.  This includes considering different majors, family budgets, campus environments, location, etc.  Here’s three really good college search engines.

Spring Break Plans. Juniors should plan to use part of spring break to visit colleges and get a feel for what kind of campuses they like (or don’t!).  The search for a best-bit college might start on the Internet, but nothing beats getting out there and seeing universities firsthand. Visiting a college campus also tends to stoke interest in the college admissions process and can motivate students to see college in a more concrete way.

AP Courses/Tests & Your Testing Schedule.  Many college-bound juniors take AP classes; AP tests take place in early May.  Juniors really need to think about their testing schedule: AP tests, semester exams, ACT and SAT tests.  Start planning now for when you want to take the SAT and ACT and how you will prepare adequtely for them,  especially if you’re trying to take both admissions tests. (Many students take this seminar, which lessens the stress  of taking both exams and helps them focus better on one test for an even higher score.)

Summer Plans. Spend time during your summer participating in an academic program at a college/university!  Doing so is a great way to explore your career interests and also show colleges what you’re interested in. Remember, however, that attending a program at “University X” doesn’t necessarily improve your chances of being admitted to “University X.”  What matter most is that the programs truly reflect your interests.

Senior Year Course Selection. Juniors might be tempted to take a less-challenging course load during the last high school year.  DON’T!  When choosing classes for your senior year, take the rigorous ones and show colleges that you’re committed to challenging yourself and growing academically.